NAVI [Natural Visualisation] was established in 2016. We specialise in creating high-quality visualisations for buildings and interiors. Our team consists of architects, landscape architects, and IT professionals with a passion for 3D graphics. We are committed to constantly expanding our expertise to make sure that we stay on top of our game.



In our work, we focus on storytelling and details  to meticulously present the context and quality of your projects, while paying special attention to their feel and surroundings. Our visualisations have something to say. They tell stories to amaze and delight.



Landscape architect by education. Owner of NAVI STUDIO. He is responsible for visualisations from start to end, and for contact with our clients. He enjoys good music and cycling.


Marcin Ogorzalek Art director



Computer scientist by education and 3D designer by avocation. He is responsible for many technical aspects of the process, and for delivering complete visualisations. His pet subjects are animation and post-production in film. In his free time, he enjoys doing sports and mountain hiking.





Vladyslav Havryliuk 3d artist



Landscape architect, owner of PLANEA, our business partner. Michal is responsible for landscaping designs for our clients. He is involved in all stages, from design to implementation. Outside of work, he likes to travel.

Michal Jozefczak partner, landscape architect



Architect by education. Just like the other members of our team, he got hooked on the creation of virtual reality. He is responsible for creating visualisations. Passionate about sport.


Hubert Drzewicki 3d artist


During the several years we’ve operated on the market, we have collaborated with many Polish and international companies. We are proud to have had many well-known and highly regarded architects and investors as our clients. Each of them is different, has their own perspective on design, and distinctive expectations, which helps us develop our expertise and broaden our experience.



Good communication and transparency are paramount in our field. First, we focus on understanding the needs of our clients, and then pro-actively propose the most effective solutions. We believe in transparency at every stage and our clients have full insight into our creative process.

We are more than happy with our cooperation with NAVI Natural Visualisation from Lublin involving photorealistic rendering. They did an excellent job in completing all their tasks, taking good care to graphically present our products, with a focus on detail, feel, and originality. We can recommend their services to anyone who, like us, values photographic accuracy, reliability, and solid business partnerships.

Michal Rejs | REJS.EU
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